About the PCAS

The PCAS, organized in 1971, is the largest, and from the view of those who have visited several regional meetings, the most thriving of the regional associations. Members of the organization come primarily from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia. Its activities are financed by conference registration fees and sponsoring institutional support. Young and diverse, this energetic organization has brought together scholars who share an interest in inquiring into all sorts of mass phenomena through a wide variety of disciplines and approaches. Its journal, Studies in Popular Culture, is a firmly established academic publication, and scholars working with topics in popular culture are invited to submit papers for consideration.

The PCAS thus offers an opportunity for the coming together of scholars from colleges, universities, community colleges, and the general public, who have something worthwhile to say on matters involving mass society. It affords these individuals an occasion for direct response to their cultural context.

The result of such coming together has been a rich and exciting event. We welcome you and invite you to partake of the richness, diversity, and friendship of our conference.

About the ACAS 

The ACAS is an organization for those interested in the interdisciplinary study of the total culture. It should attract those interested in the field of study which goes under names such as American Studies, American Cultural Studies, etc. Structurally, it mirrors the place of the American Culture Association within the Popular Culture Association and is represented on the Executive Committee of the PCAS. The ACAS does not stress popular or Southern culture, though it is hospitable to both. Instead, the ACAS examines all aspects of American culture, from traditional to avant-garde, from highbrow to lowbrow, from elite to popular.

Its journal, Studies in American Culture, invites scholarly submissions focused on the rich diversity of topics in the field of American cultural analysis.